Øystein LaBianca receives W. F. Albright Award

The W. F. Albright Award. This award honors an individual who has shown special support or made outstanding service contributions to one of the overseas centers, ACOR, AIAR, CAARI, or to one of the overseas committees – the Baghdad Committee and the Damascus Committee. (This award is given when such an individual is identified.)

ACOR: Awarded to Øystein LaBianca, Trustee, Representative to ASOR Board of Trustees, ACOR.

Source: ASOR News

Century-old cooking pot tells of mediaeval “kitchen culture” in Levant

AMMAN — A cooking pot excavated in 2018 at Tell Hisban, near Madaba, was one of the main topics of a webinar held on Thursday, titled “Kitchen culture in 13th-century Syria: Archaeological and botanical perspectives on dietary choices, garbage disposal, and health”.  

The webinar, organised by Bonn University, gathered archaeologists and historians specialised in the Mamluk period (1250-1517).

“We also have installations, clay ovens in forms of tabuns [dome-shaped ovens] and tanurs [cone-shaped ovens], one is fired from outside and the other is generally fired from inside, and they are used for cooking of different kinds of dishes,” said Professor Bethany Walker.

Source: The Jordan Times

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