2017 Season Hisban Cultural Heritage Project Organizational Chart

Hisban Stakeholder Group
Andrews University, Nabulsi Family, MPP, ACOR, Hisban Cultural Association

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Cultural Heritage Project

Oystein S. LaBianca, Senior Director

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities,
Department of Antiquities,
Municipality of Hisban

Jordan Coordinator
for Hisban Cultural Heritage Project
Maria Elena Ronza

Jordan Field School
Andrews University, Missouri State University
German Jordanian University, University of Bonn,
Other universities

Tall Hisban Archaeological Park Project
Stanley Beikman, Project Manager

Hisban Excavation and Restoration Project
Bethany Walker, Director

Hisban Visitor Center
Maria Elena Ronza, Director
Kelsey Curnutt

Hisban Excavation and Restoration Project
Jeff Hudon, Admin Director

Support Staff
Sherri Beikmann

Field Supervisors
Robert Bates
Tina Greer
Jeffrey Hudon
Aren LaBianca

Chiara Corbino
Annette Hansen
Sophia Laparidou

Square Supervisors

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