Here you can find information and access to the many publications that have resulted from all of the Hisban excavations. These include the Madaba Plains Project Series, the Hesban Series, and other related publications. You can also read about current research projects.


Featured Publication

Global Moments in the Levant – a Unifob Research Project, Bergen, Bric, 2009.

This is the end report of the Global Moments’ project summarising all the research components. It is edited by Leif Manger and Øystein LaBianca, with individual contributions from all the researchers.

The Global Moments in the Levant research programme seeks to delineate what the salient theoretical and methodological implications are of the fundamental methodological assumption that the insights derived from historical and archaeological study of the past are relevant for understanding the present situation in the region and that, in turn, the findings of ethnographic studies carried out in the present have relevance not only for today, but also for understanding the past.



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