Optional cultural preservation opportunity in Petra with Sela. 

BHSC378-40 Study Tour (Behavioral Science) 0 Ø. LaBianca
ANTH455-040 Ethnography 3 Ø. LaBianca
ANTH478-040 Archaeological and Ethnographical Perspectives 3 Ø. LaBianca
ANTH496-040 Supervised Fieldwork 3 R. Bates
ARCH585-040 Topics: Architecture & Culture of Jordan 3 R. Root
ARCH585-040 Topics: BIM/Photogrammetry for Archaeological/Architectural Reconstruction 3 A. Solis
GEOG460 Topics – Historical Geography of the Holy Land 3 J. Hudon
HIST117-040 Civilizations and Ideas I 3 J. Hudon
RELG160-040 Topics: Archaeology and Exploration of the Bible Lands 3 J. Hudon

*Pending student enrollment. Other courses may also be arranged with permission of tour organizers and student advisor. 

Research Opportunity for Undergraduates: One of the major objectives of the Jordan Field School is to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to get hands-on experience doing supervised field research in anthropology and archaeology. This seasons excavations at the site will focus on four areas: the Islamic village on its western slope; in and around the northeast tower of the citadel; the massive Iron Age reservoir (perhaps one of “the pools of Heshbon”) and restoration of the foundations and mosaics in one of the Byzantine churches. As in previous seaons, our park improvement team will refresh in-situ archaeological exhibits; signage, interpretive paths and platforms, and the park landscape. A team of architects will carry out precedence studies and on-site investigations as a means to creating our 3-D moving impage animation of the unfolding history of Hisban. This team will be supported by a documentary film team whose task will be to produce several short films that will become part of the narration for the 3-D animation.

Costs: Register and pay for six credits at standard Andrews rates plus a fee of $1500. This covers international travel to Jordan and all in-Jordan lodging, food, weekend excursions and instruction.

Optional Petra Extension. Cultural Heritage preservation opportunities at the World Heritage Site of Petra with Sela for Vocational Training and Protection of Cultural Heritage ( Dates are TBD. For more information contact

For more information about the Jordan Field School contact or email one of our faculty at the following email addresses:;;;;

Deadlines for Andrews Package Plan Students

Friday, January 21
Weekly JFS tour meetings begin for all committed tour participants. Venues and times to be arranged according to teams/courses.
Friday, February 18
Security Form due with picture and copy of passport.
Friday, March 18
All remaining on-line application forms and course registration completed.
Friday, March 25
Financial clearance form completed and $250 security deposit paid to allow booking of international travel
Friday, April 29
Last JFS tour meeting for Spring Semester
Friday, June 10
Andrews Team departs for Jordan
Monday, July 11
Andrews Team returns to the USA, except for those extending their stay

Deadlines for Non-Andrews Package Plan Students and Volunteers

$250 Must accompany completed application packet (refundable until April 5; no refund after that date)

Wednesday, April 6
$750 Or remaining balance ($2250) payable April 12
Friday, May 6
$750 Or remaining balance ($1500) payable May 10
Friday, May 13
$750 Payable on or before May 23 or on arrival in Jordan

$2500 Total participation fee

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