Miscellaneous Photos (2002)

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Street scene in the Baqa' Refugee Camp on a typical day.

Baqa Street 1

Crowded street scene in Baqa' Refugee Camp.

Baqa Street 2

Khala, who directs the Jordanian Women's Union in the Baqa' Refugee Camp, standing at its entrance.

Baqa JWU with Khala

Inside house of Umm Mahmood (Mother of Mahmood) in a room, the full extent of which is visible here from side to side, which serves as a living room and bed room for 12 people - the sleeping mats simply come down at night.

Baqa' - Umm Mahmood & children & Carmen

This untouched photo records the fact that Carmen and Doug actually did excavate in the "Blue Chapel" in Petra and did so with the kind assistance of Ali. (photo by Meagan Perry)

Carmen and Doug Excavating in Petra

One of thousands of megalithic (large stone) memorial structures from 3,000 BC along the Rift Valley, the Mediterranean Coast and the Atlantic Coast of Europe, this one found in Jordan in the area northeast of the Dead Sea. (Photo by Carmen Clark)


A view of the undulating wadi and hillside patchwork quilt of green fields and orchards on the way to the Jordan Valley west of Salt, Jordan. (Photo by Carmen Clark)

Salt Scenic Hillside

Landscape of the Wadi Rajil in Eastern Jordan's desert, resulting from the weathering of an ancient shallow lava flow. Stones used for petraglyphs and inscriptions. (Photo by Nancy Coinman)

Rajil Basalt Plains

Petraglyph in the basalt stones of the Wadi Rajil in eastern Jordan, picturing an oryx surrounded by two hunters on horses and one standing. (Photo by Nancy Coinman)

Rajil Hunting Scene

Basalt stone with inscriptions and petraglyphs from the Wadi Rajil in eastern Jordan. (Photo by Nancy Coinman)

Rajil Petraglyph

Petraglyph of the Lady with the Frizzled Hair from the Wadi Rajil in eastern Jordan. (Photo by Nancy Coinman)

Rajil Frizzled Lady

Petraglyph of a lady with frizzled hair and a frizzled camel from the Wadi Rajil in eastern Jordan. (Photo by Nancy Coinman)

Rajil Frizzled Lady Camel

View of ACOR's top 3 floors from the west (taken a few years ago). The eastern side, downslope, reveals an additional 2 floors, the lower library & lab level & the sub-basement, recently re-named by some the "Garden Level." Pierre & Patricia Bikai, direct

The American Center of Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan

Located to the west and down the hillside from Tall Hisban (photo: Carmen Clark)

`Ayn Hisban (the Spring of Heshbon)

View of the Sea of Galilee (Tiberias in the center), looking northwest from Umm Qays, Roman Gadara (photo: Carmen Clark)

View of the Sea of Galilee

Carmen Clark enjoying her 29th birthday at ACOR in January -- cake prepared and decorated by Pierre Bikai, flowers from Guiding Star Travel, her good husband's gift an Oud - Arabic gourd-shaped guitar

Carmen's Birthday

Jeepers in the Snow

Jeepers in the Snow

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