Jordan Updates

"Jordan Updates" consists of two sections: Weekly Updates from the past several seasons of excavation at Tall al-`Umayri and The Jordan (Some)Times.

The Weekly Updates are published each week during excavation seasons and appear online for the past several years.  They provide real-time, richly illustrated reports on discoveries as they occur and the MPP-`Umayri team responsible for their study and preservation.

Issues of The Jordan (Some)Times were written over a period of two or three years and represent news and cultural/political information written while Douglas Clark was in Jordan either on sabbatical leaves or field expeditions. The goal for the Times was to inform family, friends and teaching colleagues of life in Jordan, especially at ACOR, particularly during the challenging times following 9/11. The author hoped to capture life as it happened in Jordan rather than depend on western news media. In order to do so, there are quotes from Jordanians, special reports, a narrative framed after Garrison Keillor's The News from Lake Wobegon, and archaeological updates. Hopefully, these reports have been able to capture the flavor of life in Jordan.

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