Welcome to Tall `Umayri

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  • Welcome to Tall al-`Umayri!
  • `Umayri excavation team 2014
  • Early Bronze Age dolmen team
  • Early Bronze Age dolmen tomb objects
  • Late Bronze Age temple
  • Late Bronze Age temple cultic niche implements
  • Early Iron Age "four-room" house
  • Early Iron Age model shrine
  • Iron Age II Baalis seal impression
  • Hellenistic farmstead objects
  • Learning to sift the soil
  • Practice with pick and trowel
  • Photographic UAV
  • Structure-from-motion photos
  • Sunrise over `Umayri

32 Years (1984-2016)

of archaeological investigations in the
country of Jordan — ancient Ammon, Moab and Edom

Sponsored by La Sierra Univeristy, California, USA

In consortium with:

School of Architecture, Andrews University, Michigan, USA

Burman University, Alberta, CANADA

Mount Royal University, Alberta, CANADA

Pacific Union College, California, USA

Walla Walla University, Washington, USA

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