Finds (2006)

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Most likely pounders for food preparation, even if some see in them sling stones (set here among olive branches signifying peace)


Hellenistic coins from Field L, the large one a Ptolmaic coin from the 3rd century BC


Small stone cosmetic palettes and applicator for the use of eye shadow (Kohl)

Cosmetic Palettes

Several figurine fragments, some human, others zoomorphic


Large limestone mortar and basalt milling stones used in food preparation

Mortar and Stones

Grinding and milling stones

Grinding and milling stones

Jewelry, including beads and pendant, plus a very small bowl


Jar handles with potters' marks impressed into them before firing

Jar with Potters Marks

Basalt milling stones and limestone mortars used in food preparation

Mortar and Stones

Two seals made of the light-weight volcanic stone, tuff


Ceramic jar stoppers used to seal the contents of jars, likely many of them filled with wine

Ceramic Jar Stoppers

Textiles artifacts, including a basalt loom weight, bronze needle, bone spatula and ceramic and bone spindle whorls


A whirligig toy, as many have suggested, especially since two-holed buttons were not used early in the archaeological record


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