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Discovering Petra... Digitally

By Douglas Clark

Photos by contest winners

Jillian Logee, excavation photographer, decided not to visit Petra this season, having been there several times in the past. In order to provide photos of the mid-season trip to one of the seven wonders of the world, Jillian hatched up a photo contest. Here are the photo categories:

One winner will be selected from each of these five categories:

Landscape: There are some stunning views at Petra, use them to your advantage to create a stunning landscape photograph.

Ruins: With many different buildings and time periods to choose from, create something artsy or fun that uses the ruins as a centerpiece.

Fun with Friends: You will all be so happy and excited to be exploring the Rose City! Show it off with selfies, group shots, or quick candids of your friends.

Comedic / Pop-Culture Reference: We all know Indiana Jones rode out of the Treasury Building (although, there may or may not be a holy grail in the ground beneath the facade), see what you can do to recreate classic moments from movies & television. We also saw some living statues at the Amman Citadel, let's see what else you all can come up with.

Artistic: The most open of categories, allowing you to show off your creative side with an art piece. Think of something dramatic you'd hang on the wall of your home - or at a gallery!

And here are the winners by category:

Landscape: Kristina Reed and Seth Jurgensen

Kristina Reed

Seth Jurgensen

Ruins: Charles Morse

Charles Morse

Fun with Friends: Andressa Stori Pujol

Andressa Stori Pujol

Comedic: Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves

Artistic: Nicqelle Godfrey

Nicqelle Godfrey

Honorable Mention: Jess Dixon

Jess Dixon


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