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Impressions of the 2012 Madaba Regional Archaeology Conference

by Douglas Clark

For the past three summers, archaeologists and their teams have collaborated to provide a mid-season mini-conference on the archaeology they have been conducting since the previous summer. The result is a regional archaeology mini-conference for all projects in and around the city of Madaba, Jordan. The third annual conference was held on 15 July 2012 in the Madaba Municipality Auditorium, a spacious, well equipped and air-conditioned meeting hall with new cushy seats, and located on the western outskirts of the city, on the road to Mount Nebo. The conference program and photos demonstrate the wide range of sites and site teams in this part of Jordan. The 100-strong audience consists of members of all the teams represented. The purpose of the mini-conference is to bring everyone up to date on the latest archaeological information available and to put published directors in touch with students and volunteers who are reading about their sites. The reviews have consistently been enthusiastically positive.

Yazid Elayan with Welcome from Madaba Office of DoA

Douglas Clark with Welcome

Barbara Porter with Welcome from ACOR

Debra Foran on Tall Madaba

Kent Bramlett & Douglas Clark on Tall al-`Umayri

Michael Weigl on Wadi Thamad

Alan Farahani on Dhiban

Abdelrahim Al Dwikat on Mukawir

Ahmad Ash-Shami on `Umayri East

Reem Al-Shqour on Jalul Islamic Village

Part of `Umayri team hosted in Madaba after the conference by David and Amanda Hopkins

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