Application Form 2016

Fill in the application form completely and submit it online with your deposit. Do not overlook spaces or leave any blanks. It is important that we have all the information requested. Use N/A for blanks which really do not apply.

DEADLINE (WITH DEPOSIT) - 15 APRIL 2016   [Final payment due with other forms on 15 May 2016]


Social Security #:

Present Address:

Address at end of school year:

More Info:

Length of Stay:


Emergency Contact's Address:

Institutions of higher education:

Occupational experience:


Hobbies & Interests:

Archaeological experience (I have worked at the following site(s):

I have taken the following archaeological and related courses:

I have studied in the following areas:

I have some experience in the following:

Preferred area(s) of work:
(From the lists, list in order of preference your first five choices of work)

Language Skills:

Personal Statement:

Without duplicating material given above, state in a concise narrative fashion some things about yourself which might prove useful in our evaluation of your application. Include anything about your personal history, personality, future plans, and expectations for the summer that you consider appropriate. Why are you interested in archaeology? How will the project be strengthened by your participation? What will it miss without you?

Request for Academic Credit
I am enrolling for academic credit at:

I am registering for:

References (Give the names and address of two people (preferably in academics) who support your application):



Excavation Deposit (Send by 15 April):

Amount Outstanding:

Make check payable to "Madaba Plains Project - LSU" and send to:

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